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- Dante
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Never tried shrooms before and was terrified going in, trip was amazing, come up was clean and still have visuals abt a hour and a half in. Amazing product well done boys at DAZED🫶
- Seth H
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I’ve never been high off an edible before so these were recommended. I took 8 and I tripped all day, legit saw the ground pulsing and stuff. 10/10 easily the best high I’ve ever had!
- Halie K
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I haven’t tried anything like this!!
- paranoidPOS
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Right? I was really surprised I can buy them in a vape shop. Even just one is such a euphoric feeling it's great. Good party dose. The come up is quick too imo. Without nausea....10/10
- Peyton R
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They actually had me tripping like real shrooms would amazing job yall
- Jacob B
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These feel like real shrooms no doubt, be careful though because these are VERY STRONG, the watermelon and chocolate being the strongest, 2-3 gummies should do it for you the first time.
- Max
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DAMN!!! is all i can say 🙂
- Cooper S
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only took 1 and was cheesin all night
- A.H.
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I have a high tolerance but these gummies sent me for a loop. Feel like shrooms but don’t make you light. Everything got a bit swirly which I didn’t expect but was very welcome! Overall amazing and would buy again!
- Rachel Williams
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these are so gooood! A++++
- n0stal6ic
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Flavors were spot on and nice. Couldn't stop laughing and looking at myself with these. Things were very wavy and vibrant. Defiantly take all 4 to have a good time.
- smokey_the_skwerl
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These bangers had me siiiiideways
- Bryant G
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Never disappoints me ever for real
- Ryan C
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- Kevin P
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wow is all I can say!!
- Arakan Hotoshijaki
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Amazing to give others an idea of what’s trip is like in small doses!
- Anonymous
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These are insane! I’m a 200 pound guy and one did me in
- ShyCalypso
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Ate 6 of them. On another planet watching Harry Potter rn. 10/10 experience!
- Kevin B
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Amazing product.As legit as you can get without eatin the real thing.
- Anonymous
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These hit Better than any other mushroom gummy on the market
- Chloe
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I have no idea whats in these, but i loved it. Try taking two of these shits and watching the movie 'Altered States'. life changing experience.
- Peyton Rikard
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These are very potent. dude these can make u trip hard they feel like the real deal and I'd know cuz I've done them a lot
- S.B.
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Great for a little get together bought 2 packs and we’re gone that night, be careful though very potent 10/10 would def buy again
- Michael C
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Overall a good deal for the price. They aren't kidding about watching your dosage. 2 was an intense experience =)
- Gingus G
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Very effective and strong- took 4 and got stuck in place for 4 hours but now i know to take less 🤘
- Emmy828288
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Lol tripped out with 3 of them I loved it I seen patterns and color were a bit more vibrant it last mess around 3 1/2 to 4 hours! gonna be buying these
- Daniel S
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Do NOT underestimate I f***ed up and thought they where going to be subpar and took all 4 and and a full on panic attack VERY CLOSE to real shrooms
- Grant P.
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Got some samples at work and then ordered myself. Lovely effect… looking forward to trying two at a time
- Anonymous
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Legal trip- be careful when and where you choose to consume these! Definitely start with just one and see how it does you before you eat multiple.
- Wade Reeves
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Gives you an almost exact rep of the real thing, just not as long! These are amazing for a good weekend!


These hit Better than any other mushroom gummy on the market

800 MG

Per Piece

Available in

Two Sizes

Does not contain

Cannabinoids or Psilocybin

20 Minute

Absorption Time

Child Resistant

Pharmaceutical Packaging


Ultimate Eye - Opener

We have created a powerful proprietary blend of super-food mushrooms and our signature trippy nootropic blend to bring you the best mushroom experience on the market. We know everyone says it, but we back ours up with rave reviews and happy customers. Our compounds DO NOT CONTAIN cannabinoids or psilocybin and are legal across the US

Only took one and was cheesin’ all night.

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Start low, go slow

Shrumfuzed will result in changes to reality and perception but may take time to kick in and is best enjoyed in between meals.


Enjoy when you have time for yourself, free of pesky obligations. You Deserve it.


Some snacks and tunes will help you get to the moon. We personally love smoothies, grapes, and fruit snacks.

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